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Bhutan is a landlocked country and the smallest state in Asia to be located entirely within the Himalaya mountain range. Located in the Eastern Himalayas, it is bordered by China in the north and India in the south.

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Sikkim is the smallest state of India which has become a part and state of India in the year of 1975. It is concealed by the rugged earth of the Himalayas.

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Viewed from a bird’s eye, Darjeeling is one of the most beautiful and famous hill stations in India. The city has stationed itself in the embrace of rolling and wide Sierra of the Himalayas.

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The Dooars or Duars are the alluvial floodplains in northeastern India that lie south of the outer foothills of the Himalayas and north of the Brahmaputra River basin.

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Nepal is a landlocked central Himalayan country in South Asia. It has a population of 26.4 million and is the 93rd largest country by area.

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Bodh Gaya is a religious site and place of pilgrimage associated with the Mahabodhi Temple Complex in Gaya district in the Indian state of Bihar.

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